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Is Rishikesh a good place to live in?

Regarding lifestyle and other facilities, Rishikesh is an excellent place to settle. Unlike other tourist cities, it can provide all its amenities. Moreover, this city has some beautiful cafes and eateries where you can sit and relax for as long as you want.

That means it’s an excellent place for digital nomads or folks who work from home. 

The serenity of this place will make you forget all your worries as you sip a cup of coffee sitting in front of the holy Ganges. 

Rishikesh is well-connected to all major cities like New Delhi, Lucknow, Haridwar, Kolkata, and many more. It offers both bus and train services to reach all nearby places. The city also has all modern amenities like recreational centers, parks, shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants, and more.

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Reasons Rishikesh is a great place to live

Rishikesh is a great place to live and work in a calm and quiet environment. It makes you feel like you’re on vacation. Everything is readily available here, including famous schools and hospitals like AIIMS. 

The Char Dham National Highway project was initiated by the Indian government. 

This ongoing project includes 900 national highways connecting the entire state of Uttarakhand. It has boosted the investment market in and around Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the major south-end junction on this highway. 

Does Rishikesh have snow?

Rishikesh doesn’t have snow, but there are nearby where you will find snow. Some of these places are Mussoorie, Auli, Dhanaulti, and others. 

What is the hottest month to stay in Rishikesh?

 The hottest month to stay in Rishikesh is the month of June, when the average temperature can go as high as 103 F, and the lowest is 80 F. 

Reasons to invest in a flat in Rishikesh

If you’re planning to buy a flat in Rishikesh, you shouldn’t consider it. Rishikesh is one of the holiest cities in India, with a calm and serene environment. But, in case you’re still looking for reasons, here are some reasons you may consider: 

Close to major cities

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a property is connectivity. Rishikesh connects all major Indian cities via bus, train, and flights. 

Perfect holiday destination

Another reason you want to invest in Rishikesh is that it is an excellent holiday destination. You can spend your vacation in this place full of tranquility and forget all your problems. 

Increasing market rate

The market rate for everything, including flats and land areas in Rishikesh, is snowballing. Numerous people from all over India are willing to invest their money in Rishikesh. 

Rapidly developing

Over the past few years, Rishikesh has quickly grown, and it still continues. One of the primary reasons for this development is the Char Dham National Highway project led by the Indian government. 

Easy to rent out at reasonable pricing

Lastly, if you want to invest in a flat in Rishikesh, you must be concerned about the rent factor. Here’s the best part! Renting your flat in Rishikesh for a reasonable price is no big deal. 

Tourist Destination

The reasons are that Rishikesh is a tourist destination and attracts many tourists and devotees worldwide. These people often want to get a flat to rent for their entire period of stay.

The Airbnb culture is on a rapid surge in Rishikesh. This is an excellent way for real estate investors to expand their earnings. As the hotel room rates keep increasing, people who visit Chandigarh and Delhi are investing in residential properties. 

These properties are transformed into bed and breakfast joints that provide visitors with a customised, home-like experience. Most of these people are registered on well-known platforms like Airbnb to make it easy for people to book them. 

Best areas to live/invest in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is one of the best places for Hindu pilgrimage. It is visited by many devotees and tourists from various parts of the world. It is located in the northern part of Uttarakhand, near the Himalayan foothills. Some of the best places to live or invest in Rishikesh are Ganga Nagar, Aam Bag, Tapovan, Avas Vikas Colony, Chopra Farm Road, Shivpuri, Muni Ki Reti, and Narendra Nagar. 

If you want to invest in a residential property in the main town area of Rishikesh, it will be pretty expensive. Ganga Nagar, Ashutosh Nagar, Bapu Gram, Shyampur, IDPL, and Nepali Farm are the best areas to buy a residential flat. 

This is because these areas are near the central city and located at a distance of 3-7 km. Another advantage is that the rates in these areas are lower than in other parts of the city. 

For commercial purposes, you can invest in a property near the New Railway Station beside Rajesh Chowk, as this place is rapidly emerging as a tourist spot in Rishikesh.

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